Building From Source

Building ReplicatorG is fairly straightforward. Follow the instructions below and get hacking!

Get the tools

You'll need to install three tools to get started with ReplicatorG development: Git, a Java development kit, and Ant.

Installing Git

GitHub has a great guide to installing Git on any platform. Follow their instructions to install Git on your platform.

Installing a JDK

You'll need a working Java Development Kit to compile Java programs. One may already be installed on your system. If not, you can get a JDK here, from this Sun/Oracle page.

If your platform has a standard software repository, you can simply install a JDK using that mechanism instead. If you're using Ubuntu, we recommend installing the openjdk-6-jdk package.

Depending on your platform, you may need to add the Java bin directory to your PATH environment variable.

Linux Ubuntu 11.10: follow this info to install Oracle Java.
For Linux Ubuntu 10.10 (and probably others), you also need to install a few more packages:
sudo apt-get install libjogl-java libjava3d-java

Installing Ant

The last tool you'll need to install is Apache Ant, which controls the build. Apache has a straightforward guide to installing Ant on your platform. For convenience, you'll usually want to add Ant to your system's PATH environment variable, as well.

Installing JarBundler

Mac OSX builds will require JarBundler. You can get it from SourceForge. Follow the instructions to install it in the shared ant library.

Get the ReplicatorG source from Git

If you don't intend to submit changes back to the tree (or are content to mail patches around), the fastest way to get the code it to clone the the git repository:


If you plan on contributing, we recommend setting up a GitHub account and forking the project. That way contributions can be easily rolled in and your commit comments and attribution can be preserved.

Build and run with Ant

If you're all set up, all you need to do is go to your ReplicatorG directory and type:

ant run

This will build ReplicatorG and immediately run it.

Using Eclipse

If you're planning on building the project with Eclipse, see our page on Building ReplicatorG with Eclipse.

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