G Codes

we will be adding GCode definitions / explanations here. we will also put implementation specific notes here as needed. until then, please see the primer.

Some useful G-Codes are:

  • G0 - Rapid Motion
  • G1 - Coordinated Motion
  • G2 - Arc - Clockwise
  • G3 - Arc - Counter Clockwise
  • G4 - Dwell
  • G10 - Create Coordinate System Offset from the Absolute one
  • G17 - Select XY plane (default)
  • G18 - Select XZ plane (not implemented)
  • G19 - Select YX plane (not implemented)
  • G20 - Inches as units
  • G21 - Millimeters as units
  • G28 - Home given Axes to maximum
  • G30 - Go Home via Intermediate Point (not implemented)
  • G31 - Single probe (not implemented)
  • G32 - Probe area (not implemented)
  • G53 - Set absolute coordinate system
  • G54-G59 - Use coordinate system from G10 P0-5
  • G90 - Absolute Positioning
  • G91 - Relative Positioning
  • G92 - Define current position on axes
  • G94 - Feed rate mode (not implemented)
  • G97 - Spindle speed rate
  • G161 - Home negative
  • G162 - Home positive

G-Codes can have all kinds of arguments. Only a few of those are actually used here:

  • X absolute position
  • Y absolute position
  • Z absolute position
  • A position (rotary around X)
  • B position (rotary around Y)
  • C position (rotary around Z)
  • U Relative axis parallel to X
  • V Relative axis parallel to Y
  • W Relative axis parallel to Z
  • M code (another "action" register or Machine code(*)) (otherwise referred to as a "Miscellaneous" function")
  • F feed rate
  • S spindle speed
  • N line number
  • R Arc radius or optional word passed to a subprogram/canned cycle
  • P Dwell time or optional word passed to a subprogram/canned cycle
  • T Tool selection
  • I Arc data X axis
  • J Arc data Y axis.
  • K Arc data Z axis, or optional word passed to a subprogram/canned cycle
  • D Cutter diameter/radius offset
  • H Tool length offset


G1 X5 Y-5 Z6 F3300.0 (Move to postion <x,y,z>=<5,-5,6> at speed 3300.0)
G21 (set units to mm)
G90 (set positioning to absolute)
G92 X0 Y0 Z0 (set current position to <x,y,z>=<0,0,0>)

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