Installation Windows Include


Note: Java now comes bundled with ReplicatorG on Windows, and should not need to be installed separately.

Install Python

The program that slices your model (turns it from a 3D model into a printable path) is called Skeinforge. It is written in python, which you'll need to install. You'll want Python 2.6. Download it from, and follow the installation instructions.

Copy folder

Unzip the folder you downloaded and put it in a convenient directory.

  • Note: If you encounter errors while unzipping the file to your user directory, it may be that the maximum filename length is exceeded. Try unzipping it to another directory, such as C:\Program Files.
  • Windows 7 note: in some Windows 7 systems, some users have had permissions problems when installing ReplicatorG in the "Program Files" directory. If you encounter hanging issues when trying to edit or run Skeinforge profiles, try reinstalling ReplicatorG in a directory other than "Program Files".

Install Drivers

The drivers folder contains drivers for the FTDI USB -> Serial converter chips that the Motherboard uses. If you've already installed Arduino, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the Arduino website.
Alternatively (helpful for XP systems) download these drivers from the FTDI website.

Here are some instructions specifically for installing the new drivers you'll need to use with The MakerBot Replicatorâ„¢.

Run it!

You can run the application by double clicking the ReplicatorG application.

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